accelewaste system

eliminates the need
for short-term
solutions such as
treatment, or

the problem

• Over five billion pounds of medical waste produced each year.
• Disposal options running out on hospitals.
• Medical waste incinerators face tough new EPA. rules.
• Hospitals face 'lifetime liability' for its medical waste.

As the volume of biohazardous medical waste escalates in the United States, healthcare providers are running out of options to adequately deal with this problem. The historically accepted methods of incineration, autoclaving, and shipment to off-site facilities are rapidly unraveling under the scrutiny of public interest groups, the ever-growing mountain of government regulations and statutory record-keeping requirements.

The Solution

The Problem

The AcceleWaste™ fluid disposal system provides healthcare providers with a low-cost, effective method of disinfecting and disposing of fluids at the source. This disposal system eliminates the need for further handling of potentially infectious medical waste fluids, therefore, removing the major risks of spills. Only the AcceleWaste™ system exceeds OSHA and EPA requirements for disinfecting bodily fluids collected during a medical procedure, such as surgery.

The AcceleWaste™ fluid disposal system is wall mounted; installation only requires a 120 volt outlet, an inlet water line and a sewer discharge line from the unit. This disposal system evacuates the entire canister of fluids, including the disposal of bone chips and blood clots accumulated during the surgical procedure. A unique combination of organic compounds effectively and safely disinfects the waste for discharge into the sewer system. Unlike other systems, the AcceleWaste™ fluid disposal system is lightweight and unobtrusive, so it will not get in the way of medical providers.

• Eliminates pouring and splashing of blood
• Disinfects fluids before disposal
• Requires no floor space
• Totally self-contained in a small amount of wall space
• Creates its own vacuum
• Requires no routine maintenance after installation
• No down-time means healthcare providers maintain high productivity

The AcceleWaste™ system places no additional burden on a facility's vacuum system. The AcceleWaste™ system gives the healthcare industry the most viable, cost-effective option for fluid disposal. The system removes the need for purchase and inventory of expensive gelling agents.

• Fastest fluid disposal time in the industry
• Exceeds EPA and OSHA regulations for fluid disposal
• Reduces employees exposure, thus reduces the number of OSHA mandated employee exposure records

The AcceleWaste™ fluid waste disposal system represents the most cost-effective and safest method for fluid waste management. Your employees' exposure is greatly diminished, your cost to process "red bag" fluid waste is eliminated, your staff maintains the high level of productivity you demand and your liability associated with the handling, storage and ultimate disposal of hazardous fluid medical waste - virtually eliminated. The AcceleWaste™ fluid waste disposal system installation takes only three simple steps. A three year warranty covering parts and labor is included with each system.